WTF is Human Design

Have you ever wondered why you think, feel, and behave the way you do?

For literally my whole life I felt like I was scatty, forgetful, was always flitting from one thing to the next, and never felt like I was good enough.

I can remember the exact moment my Human design teacher said to me, “The reason you never feel like you’re good enough Nik is because you have an open-heart centre…” I just burst into tears. I felt like I has been seen. I wasn’t broken, it was part of who I was!

 Your Human design chart is a blueprint of who YOU are. It reveals information about your personality, energetic aura, decision making and why you have specific tendencies.

Human Design is a powerful system…

It uses your exact time, date, and place of birth to map where the planets were in the sky when you were born, a bit like a birth chart. Human Design also identifies your most dominant chakras (energy centres) to create what’s known as your personal body graph.

Human Design is like a cosmic GPS system that combines astrology and astronomy, the I Ching and biochemistry, Kabbalah and quantum mechanics, the Chakras, and genetics.

It’s like getting a personal user manual that helps you to embrace your most authentic self and discover what truly lights you up. Imagine having a tool that helps you to navigate relationships, career choices and all the crazy twists and turns of life. THIS IS IT!

Human Design explains how you were built, and how it’s best for YOU to view and interact with the world—like a magical combination between astrology and Myers-Briggs.

It sounds fucking bonkers I know, but when you look at your own chart it’ll blow your head off by how much it sounds like you.


If you’re curious get in touch

Book your own personalised chart reading and together, we will discover your life’s purpose, your strengths, and the challenges you may face. It changed EVERYTHING for me! From how I interact with my kids (because I SEE them now too and can honour their energy), to how I make decisions in my business and my life. And not to mention how I honour MY OWN energy now, I live such an aligned life now and know it’s ok to want to spin 50 plates at the same time, cos everything makes me wanna pee glitter and I wanna do it ALLLLLLL, cos that’s what I’m supposed to do as a Manifesting Generator Human Design type.

AND if you are already peeking out of a Human Design rabbit hole and are ready to learn more, click the link to find out all the juicy details of my “Human Design Made Simple” course