My book is out now!

The Feminine Energy Guide

For the first 25 years of her life Niki was a people pleaser who felt anxious, uninspired, and lost. After breaking free from a narcissistic relationship, she was left feeling withdrawn and undeserving. Consumed by self-doubt and fear, she self-medicated every weekend to block out the mum guilt and traumatic memories.

She had always been drawn to spirituality but was scared to be herself after being belittled and told her beliefs were stupid.

After battling with depression, panic attacks and addiction for decades, and then losing both her parents, Niki decided life was too short to give a shit about what other people thought anymore and decided it was time to make some big changes.

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She began her own healing journey and made it her mission to help as many women as she could along the way. She retrained in holistic healing and spirituality and moved her business online during the recent global pandemic where she was able to reach and help 1000’s of women.

Niki has created a unique 5 pillar programme using all the spiritual tools that helped her to change her life, and will help you to do the same.

After reading this book you will have self-awareness, self-belief, confidence and clarity, and feel so excited you will be ready to pee glitter everywhere.

Niki’s down to earth, funny and very real descriptions will have you, laughing, crying and feeling ready to step out of the spiritual closet to create the life of your dreams.