Niki’s Businessy Woo Club:

My amazeballs community for the spiritual female entrepreneur who wants to become more self-aware, trust her intuition, and smash through all the shitty blocks that have kept her from showing the fuck up.

Imagine a safe space where you can:

Share your intentions for your business…

Take part in non-wanky networking…

Lean on others for support, free from judgement…

Feel seen and heard just for being your beautiful self…

Celebrate the shit out of your goals…

Achieve your dreams alongside over 40 women all on the same journey as you…

Niki’s Businessy Woo club

Niki’s Businessy Woo Club is a space for female entrepreneurs to believe and achieve their goals and dreams together.

Blending spirituality, a love of the woo, and real time business and mindset support, this community is for anyone who’s ready to get out of their own way and start taking aligned action to move their business forwards.

I don’t subscribe to memberships very often because I’ve joined them in the past and honestly, they just haven’t delivered!

But I joined NBWC because I knew that everything Niki was offering would be fulfilled and more!

You want Woo? Niki has you covered whether it’s moon rituals, meditations or card pulls (but be prepared for her to be freakishly accurate when pulling cards)!

I’ve worked with Niki for over a year now and honestly, I don’t think I’d wanna ever have anyone else as my (non Wanky) business mentor, she gets me – quirks and all!

Having a woo crew that also have a love for business and are there to cheer you on too is paramount!

I love this membership… that is all!!!! Xxxx

What does NBWC look like?

Every month, there’s a different theme to help you in both your life and your business. Topics cover:

Held in a private Facebook group, Niki’s Businessy Woo Club gives you the best combination of mindset, spirituality, support, friendship, cheerleading, and practical business mentoring that a female entrepreneur could want.

  • Limiting beliefs
  • Visibility
  • The Power of Intention
  • Ego vs Soul
  • Audience building
  • Self love
  • Ideal client identification
  • Comparison and Manifestation
  • Working with masculine and feminine energy

…and so much more.

What’s included?

  • A monthly mentoring workshop on Zoom, based on the theme for that month.
  • Guest expert sessions every month from some of the most fucking amazing names in the game.
  • Networking with some of the most gorgeous souls on this planet.
  • Tarot Card pulls
  • Affirmations
  • The option to use Facebook Live for promotion if you’re launching or just want to share about your business ( as long as you’re not a Spamela Anderson)
  • A shit load of belly laughs with women who will become your tribe.


I would just like to say how grateful I am to have found this group. Its a group full of likeminded women who inspire each other.

It’s a group where you can throw an idea out there to get an opinion, as sometimes we don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off, here you do.

Niki hasn’t just opened up this group and left us to it, she shows up, she holds you accountable and shows you how to be the amazing authentic you that you are.

Highly recommend this group. 💕💕

Sound like your cup of tea?

Join us for £19 per month (that’s less than the price of a half decent takeaway which is a belter of a bargain for business and mindset support)