Calling all high-achieving female entrepreneurs!

I see you constantly DOING:

  • Always pushing forwards, feeling close to burn-out, but still never giving yourself enough permission to slow down
  • Always looking for the next challenge, smashing the shit out of it, and still never feeling like it’s enough…
  • Always on the go, in search of the next thing to “achieve” so your ambition is satisfied…
  • Constantly questioning why it feels hard to live in the moment, to be present, to create freely…to follow your heart and just be…
  • Wanting to step forwards aligned, to make moves with your soul on fire. To quieten the inner bitch in your head that tells you ‘you can’t’.

*I see you nodding!

You need space…

You need to create space so you can hear your own true voice and give it the attention it deserves

To give yourself permission to relax, so you can expand your mind, and look at your business from the sideline, instead of being right in the middle of the whirlwind of your work.

You need space to get away from all the noise, to let the squirrels in your brain just be so you can sort ’em out once and for all.

To be still.

To just be you.

Slow down. Take your time. Breathe, free of expectation.

Come with me next June to stunning Crete on a 7 day healing experience to connect with your mind, body and soul like you’ve never experienced before.

Last year, I spotted a post about a luxury retreat and knew I NEEDED to go!

The past few years had been tough keeping my business going, trying to home school my boys and navigating everything that came with covid.

I felt I needed time out of my life to recharge and reassess. That’s exactly what I got!

The time away was all about me! I learnt new things, made new friends and had time to experience the beautiful luxury of Mexico.

I go on ‘business’ retreats as often as I can but Mexico was so much more than that. I’m so excited to be going again this year … counting down the days! ❤️

– Cheryl Whites

7 whole days of uninterrupted bliss to realign your actions, to reconnect with yourself and to rediscover the woman you truly are.

Over the course of the week, you’re going to:

Delve deep inwards using spiritual and holistic healing techniques

Nurture true unconditional love for yourself by understanding who you are in life and business

Honour your own energy by taking things at your own pace.

Look at letting go of limiting beliefs and trapped trauma so you can move forwards, free of that weight.

Spend your time surrounded by the most exquisite scenery to help spark that excitement again!

Nurture the shit out of yourself, with great food, fantastic company, luxury surroundings and healing sessions

Meet some of the most incredible beautiful souls who are on a healing journey too.

Crete 2024 – Rekindle your creativity, ignite your passions and set your soul on fire.

Fresh aligned energy. An empowering feeling of clarity in your life and your business. A lightness and excitement in your soul like never before.

My retreats are fucking magical.

Let me take you away from all the noise and distractions.

To find yourself, and see what magic you can create when you give yourself the beautiful gift of time.

….”How am I feeling after 2 days in?

 I’d normally say – send me an email and ill get back to you in 3 days. I think ive felt a physical change in me, the tension, and constant doing instead of being takes its toll. I preach it – but I didnt realise i didnt walk the walk. It took me 2 days to detach from my norm, which is high stress, fast paced, constantly doing. And to emotionally disconnect from that was very weird, like shedding a skin. But to be away from that stress situation for a prolonged time is life changing. A workshop that lasts a few hours just doesnt allow that time to switch off.”

– Bev Williams

Gimme the details Niki? Here you go!

This is your invitation to join me for my next Luxury Retreat in June 2024.

Nestled in the side of a beautifully secluded Greek mountain, overlooking an untouched private beach is our stunning villa.

This is where you and I, and 10 other women will call home for a week, on the sun kissed island of Crete. ☀️

A whole undisturbed week of YOU TIME. Giving yourself permission to slow down, create space and reconnect to yourself.

Remembering who you are at a soul level.

And we all know what happens when a group of powerhouse women come together…Beautiful friendships and connections, new ideas, collaborations and just absolute fucking MAGIC is what!


And not just that

I will be taking you on a deep inner journey of self discovery through energy alignment, clarity activation, and tailored human design workshops. Whilst making sure there is LOTS of downtime for you to reflect and relax.

Do you want to join me on the 22 – 29th June 2024.

Your investment for this all inclusive luxury experience is £4825

£1000 deposit (non refundable) required to secure your space. There is an 8 month payment plan availble @ £478 a month based on starting July – Feb.

(Includes, flights, airport lounge access, transfers to villa/ return to airport, accommodation, all food & drink, all sesions and gifts)


The price of joining this luxury all-inclusive retreat is £4825 which can be paid by a variety of different payment plans (just ask and we’ll sort it!)

Please note: To secure your place, a £1000 non-refundable deposit is required.

Remember that delicious feeling of being kissed by the sun? Now imagine it for a whole week. One whole week of designated ‘you’ time.

I’ll help you identify and reprogramme any limiting beliefs by working with your subconscious energy.

I’ll be using beautiful guided meditations (on our very own private beach), teaching YOU how to meditate by de-mystifying the myths of meditation, and using reiki and shamanic healing to set you free from these ties.

And not to forget the intuitive guidance of tarot too.

It’s special to have the opportunity to sit in this for a whole week.

“Normally you have a great experience for an hour or so and then go back to reality, so coming on this retreat that is designed to educate us and help us feel this – but also allow us to sit with it and build and build and become more spectacular that we could imagine. And we are feeling that on Wednesday….i’m not even sure how Im going to be feeling by Saturday.”

Mindy Cowap-

If you’re looking for the ultimate experience of rediscovering and reconnecting to your mind, body and soul… this is for YOU

We all know what happens when a group of like-minded, ambitious, female entrepreneurs get together. The networking and creative brain farts are going to be NEXT LEVEL! 

Sound like your kind of thing?!

Book a call my gorgeous one, and let’s create magic!!!!