Are you ready to let shit go?


I have space for 8 women to join me for a retreat like NO OTHER! 

This intimate retreat is for the woman who KNOWS she needs to nurture her own needs, in a space she feels safe enough to finally face her shadows, to embrace forgiveness and let go of all the wounds that just won’t heal once and for all.

To be with like-minded women and reconnect with her truest self, treating herself with the kindness and compassion she gives to everyone else.

To give herself permission to surrender, as she leans back into her nurturing feminine energy remembering that this is where her true power lies. No more pushing and forcing, it’s time to be present and to feel EMPOWERED.

To finally LET SHIT GO and start putting herself first for once.

What the weekend looks like…


You arrive at around 5pm and have time to settle in and look around, before you meet everyone in the dining area for a freshly prepared dinner by the vegan chef. 

After dinner I will take you on a deep Guided Meditation focusing specifically on activating and healing all aspects of your heart chakra. 

Focusing on forgiveness, self-acceptance, grief, heartbreak, rejection, all the things you don’t want to acknowledge but know you need to so that you can stop feeling stuck and can finally move forwards. Setting intentions to LET SHIT GO, and writing down in detail what you want to let go of in preparation for our fire walking ceremony on Sunday evening 🔥(SQUEEE!)

Saturday morning

We start the day with an intentions setting guided meditation, hopefully outside on the grass so we can ground ourselves in for the day, and then float back inside to have breakfast.

After breakfast I will be doing an energy workshop on being an empath. Helping you to understand your energy and how to protect yourself from other people’s negative vibes by implementing boundaries, without feeling like you’re being over-emotional or a bitch. And showing you what crystals and essential oils will help you with this.

We’ll also do a group session of my Freedom Sequence healing modality focusing specifically on removing trapped emotional blocks and limiting beliefs for the heart and sacral chakras. This is emotional healing at its most powerful, and as I help you connect to your subconscious you will be shown what needs to be seen, loved and healed.

You don’t need to hide anymore. It’s time to surrender, and let that shit go ❤️‍🩹

Saturday afternoon

After lunch we will go on a beach walk, collecting shells and sea glass, and having a little swim/dip in the sea (and hopefully a sunbathe) 🐚 🌊 ☀️ to intentionally release and cleanse your auras of anything that came up during the morning session . And getting ready for the ceremony this evening. 

After dinner we have a beautiful Cacao and Munay Ki 13th Rites of the womb ceremony.

The rites of the Munay-Ki are energy transmissions that initiate us into an evolutionary journey, and come from ancient shamanic tribes in Peru.

When a woman receives this Rite she heals any pain she’s been holding from her female lineage, which can be up to 7 lines of generational trauma. WTF right!! 

It clears it from your own sacred womb space, the sacral chakra where all unhealed emotional trauma is stored and also through your lineages. Healing the mother figures who came before you.


We start Sunday morning with a restorative Yin yoga session, created specifically to gently entice out and release any trapped trauma that’s been sneakily hiding. 🧘🏼‍♀️

After breakfast I will guide you through a powerful activation meditation. Empowering you, awakening you, lighting you the fuck up to give you the power to set yourself free and get ready to step forwards into the fire. 🔥

Spending time afterwards to express yourself on paper, the things you want to burn with the intention of LETTING GO!

The secrets, the words you could never bring yourself to say, the untold feelings, the anger and the FUCK YOU ENERGY that you’re DONE with!

And then…. 🔥🙂🔥

Sunday evening

As the sun starts to set and the darkness creeps in, we will be joined by our special guest host for the evening expert fire walker instructor Olivia Beardsmore from Firebird Walks.

She will guide us through a full fire ceremony where you will burn your intentions, and discover how fuckin fierce you TRULY are a she prepares your to embark on a remarkable journey of walking across hot coals,  transcending your limitations and embracing newfound strength.


After a light breakfast the retreat ends on Monday morning. We all need to have left the house by 10am

After the weekend you will feel seen and heard, awakened, loved and empowered AF. You will have new spiritual tools to help you create healthy boundaries in all areas of your life, and new ways of understanding and managing your energy so you can stay aligned.

And a souvenir of a pot of the coals from fire you walked across, reminding you always how strong and fearless you are.

This is an all inclusive weekend on the stunning isle of Anglesey in Wales, all food, drinks and snacks are included and prepared by our very own private chef. A no alcohol policy is highly recommended for this weekend to get the maximum benefits.

The Important Bits

All rooms are shared, which may sound a bit daunting if you like your own space, but some of the most beautiful loving friendships have been made by sharing space on my past retreats. You are drawn to this experience for a reason

Your investment for this transformational weekend is £997

Payment plans available.

The dates are 7-9 June 2024

A non refundable deposit of £150 is required to book your space.

Fresh aligned energy. An empowering feeling of clarity in your life and your business. A lightness and excitement in your soul like never before.

My retreats are fucking magical.

Let me take you away from all the noise and distractions.

To find yourself, and see what magic you can create when you give yourself the beautiful gift of time.

If you’re looking for the ultimate experience of rediscovering and reconnecting to your mind, body and soul… this is for YOU

Sound like your kind of thing?!

Book a call my gorgeous one, and let’s create magic!!!!