Shift the Shit Programme:

Do you ever feel unsettled and uneasy without knowing why? Like you’ve got an inner niggle about something that you can’t quite put your finger on… but you know it doesn’t feel good?

And when you think about all of the hard things you’ve been through in your life, how many times have you been “too busy” or its “not been the right time” to deal with things that feel heavy or too emotional…… So instead you put them all in a box, somewhere deep inside your head and put a brick on top, hoping that will do the job?

It makes your energy feel heavy, like you’re walking with two toddlers round your ankles. 

Sound familiar?

We’re made of the same things as the universe and the stars – we are LIGHT! 

But… if we’re carrying around a lifetime of negative energy and limiting beliefs then we won’t feel like this at all.

Shift The Shit is my intensive 1-2-1 healing and coaching programme to take you on a deep inner journey of self-discovery, working through shitty emotional blocks and limiting beliefs held subconsciously in your beautiful body.

It’s time to let that shit go for a happier, more fucking radiant life.

This programme does just that…it shifts all that shit you’re carrying around, both consciously and subconsciously, so you can feel light, free, and like nothing’s holding you back!!!

What does Shift the Shit look like?

Using my signature framework The Freedom Sequence, we’ll begin by looking at how you want to truly feel, what you want to focus on, why you feel drawn to healing, and then look at what it is that you want to change in your life!

The Freedom Sequence is an intensive 2 day, in-person explosion of energetic and spiritual shifts to free you of all the shit that is keeping you stuck and small. 

Working through each of your chakras (there are 7 main ones), we’ll be looking at what emotional blocks and limiting beliefs are hiding there. 

We’ll be using a blend of different healing modalities like subconscious connection, intuitive and shamanic reiki, chord cutting and life coaching to work through letting go of any trapped trauma and limiting beliefs. 

Big shifts incoming! Get ready to #PeeGlitter!

Together we’ll:

Identify the emotions trapped within each of your chakras

Be releasing any chords from past trauma or ancestral bonds

Be reprogramming any limiting beliefs

Be using colour healing, reiki, and invoking the power of archangels

…to set you free once and for all from these ties.

This transformational experience will leave you with sparkly, gorgeous, fresh, aligned energy, clarity and a lightness and excitement within your soul that you have never had before.

In a nutshell, I will get rid of all your shit and make you #PeeGlitter!

It’s then a weekly 1-2-1 for 4 weeks to get you feeling super aligned and absolutely clear on your goals and how you can set the wheels in motion to achieve these. YOUR way!

Your investment for this life changing experience is £1500.

Recap for me, Niki. What’s included?

Introductory call and tarot cards for guidance

2-Day Freedom sequence 10am-2pm

4 one-to-one calls – 1 every week for a month

Final call – Intuitive healing session

Consistent contact in between for brain farts and support.

I have just spent 2 days with amazing Niki clearing all the shit out of my energy that was holding me back!!


As we worked through each chakra I felt my energy changing! As we got to the end my mind was blown!!!

I had made so much space in my energy!! Had so much clarity!! Direction!! New ideas!! New perceptions!!

And a fire in my belly again!!

This is one of the most transformative healing modalities I have ever experienced!

And I’m obsessed with trying all different healing modalities in order to maintain my health.

I highly recommend this.

Niki is just gorgeous, and holds such a beautiful space for the healing to happen, I felt supported, safe and comfortable to share what came up for me.

It’s only been a day, and everything around me is changing too!!

I feel like a new woman and ready to go forth with my mission without carrying all that crap around with me!!

This was a truly amazing experience thank you thank you thank you Niki “

This is for the female entrepreneur who wants a quick, intense, energetic and spiritual shift. To help her re-focus, gain complete clarity and feel fucking TOTES AMAZEBALLS so she can smash the shizzle out her of life and business!! HER WAY!!

Is this for YOU?