Working with me 121 using my unique ‘The Feminine Energy Guide’

The 5 pillar programme

My 5 pillar programme ‘The feminine energy guide’ is designed specifically to take you on a deep inner journey to connect with your body and your mind in ways you may never have thought possible. To share with you the magic and the gifts of the universe and allow you to have your very own life changing spiritual awakening.

We have been told by society our whole lives that working harder and longer and being busy is the way our lives should be. To finish school, go to university, get the good job, meet a partner, get a house, get married, have kids, save for cars and go on holidays, all while being a size 8 and super fit with perfect hair and teeth and an amazing social life and feeling happy ALLLL the time….. But that’s not how life happens for most of us is it? And then we begin to feel like a failure….


There is another way.

And I am here to guide you.

I believe that when we change first, we then go on to change and affect the lives of other people around us in a positive way too. Like the butterfly effect.

Gentle ripples of kindness and love and encouragement radiate from your being, because when YOU feel truly happy, from a deep-down authentic soul space, you are being and bringing the change you wish to see in the world. And you inspire others to do the same.

An empowered woman empowers other women, even without trying.

I am here for the woman who is ready to change her life.

I am here for the coach who wants to bring the healing, spiritual and soul connection elements into their business to help their clients on a deeper more holistic level.

I am here to show you how to shine your beautiful light into the world, and I do it by shining mine first.

Here is some more information about each of the 5 pillars in my programme so you can see why they are so effective:

The 5 pillars

Pillar 1

Energy & Chakras – Understanding the body from the inside out. When I discovered that we are all energetic beings, all connected in this huge blur of energy known as the quantum field, everything suddenly made so much sense.

Our energy affects other people around us and visa versa. If we feel happy, we often infect other people with our happiness and make them feel good too. The same goes for those people we know who are never happy and suck the life out of us as soon as we are in the same room.

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When we understand this, we can then help control and manage it.

By understanding our unique energy system, the Chakras, we can keep our
body in alignment and hear the subtle messages our body wants us to hear
so that we can begin to heal from the inside out. This was the start of my
healing journey and changed my life. When I discovered reiki, I finally felt
like I belonged. I felt connected to the universe and to everyone around me.
And I was finally able to take back some power by understanding
everything on a much deeper level than ever before.

I also use this to help my clients. Being able to understand and connect to
them on an energetic and intuitive level I can help them to uncover any
imbalances or blocks in their chakras. I use different methods to clear any
negative energy depending on what we are being shown and help them to
become more self-aware going forwards.

I train coaches how to bring this into their practice also.

Pillar 2

Mindset Mastery – Why we think what we do, and how to reprogram our negative mindset and become self-aware.

Once I was able to understand my body and the messages I was being shown on a daily basis, I quickly realised how connected our minds and bodies actually are! I began learning about the most common mindset blocks that had come up for me and for my clients. In this pillar I cover fear, limiting beliefs, boundaries, and comparison.

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In my programme I cover each topic in detail to help you become aware of why and how some of the things you think and believe have scripted your whole life.  I will show you how to become aware of and reprogramme these thought patterns so that you can become the master of your own mind.

Pillar 3

Law of Attraction – how gratitude and visualisation can change your life. How to use manifestation and how the law of attraction works.

This is where the magic happens.

Gratitude raises your vibration. And by that I mean when you feel grateful for something every little cell in your body smiles and changes the energetic frequency that you vibrate from your body? Do it now, have a go.


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Think of one thing you are grateful for a FEEL how your body responds . You may already be smiling without even realising.

The Law of Attraction works on the principle that what we give our attention to we attract into our lives. Like attracts like.

Happy = Happy

Angry= Angry

Sad =Sad

You get the idea.  When you become aware of this you can create a new positive mindset that makes you a magnetic to all the things you want in life. 

I will also show you how to use visualisation to I manifested just under £10k funding from the Big Lottery Group, my redundancy in my old job and both my children, as I was told it would be difficult for me to conceive. It really works.

As part of this pillar, I will also take you through an immersive vision board workshop. Vision boards give you the freedom and creativity to bring your dreams to life, using pictures, words, and affirmations. You can actually use anything that YOU feel represents the things you want into your life.

It is a constant visual reminder of all the things that make you want to pee glitter. And every time you look at it you will feel sparkly and excited and your energy will shift to that magical magnetic vibration that activates the Law of Attraction. 

I just bloody love it!!!

Pillar 4

The Magic of the Moon – How to replace routine with ritual and use the magic of the moon to create your own monthly rituals.

For centuries we used routine to guide us through our daily lives, but now the busy fast paced world has us all caught up in doing things because we think we SHOULD, not because they light us up.

When I started using the new moon and the full moon rituals everything in my life became so much clearer. Each of these Moons is governed by an astrological sign of the zodiac, and when I began noticing how I was feeling around these times it all made perfect sense

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Also, the rituals allowed me to create space for me to reflect on all aspects of my life. What was working, what did I want more of? What wasn’t working, what or who did I need to let go of? It became a self-development programme infused with magic and deep connection to the universe. In this section I am going to introduce you to all of this

Pillar 5

Soul Space & Spirituality – Understanding your intuition, how to develop it and use it as your inner compass when making decisions. Meeting your future self and connecting to your spirit guides and tarot for daily Guidance. How to use a pendulum to balance your energy and to get clarity.

In this final part of the programme, I will help you to connect to and awaken your soul. By using transformational guided meditations, we will invite your spirit guides to join you on your journey.  Your spirit guides can help your to consciously engage in a deeper energetic alignment that will give you the confidence to trust yourself implicitly.

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We will bring in the beautiful energy of tarot and oracle cards to help you when you need guidance. I will introduce you to the power of the pendulum, which has been used for centuries by people to connect to the subconscious energy, thoughts and emotions. All of this will help you to have more clarity and confidence in everything that you do.

If my words gave you all the feels and you know deep down you are ready to move forwards in your life and business, then I would love for you to book a FREE discovery call with me to discuss my 1-2-1 programme, and to see if we are a good match to work together.

The Feminine Energy Guide is also available as an online group study programme. This immersive course runs over 12 weeks as 12 interactive zoom calls, 3 workshops, and amazing guest expert speakers.

Here is the link for all the details :

I also offer single 121 sessions for the times when you just need a bit of hand holding, inspiration, deeper healing or just someone to hold space and bounce your ideas off.