The Healing Academy:

A 12 month transformational coaching & business development programme to help you design, create and bring to life your very own holistic soul business.

It’s time to let every work day feel like your best day.

It’s time to turn your dreams into reality.

It’s time to #PEEGLITTER.

Honestly? How many times this year alone have you felt:

  • A longing for the freedom to create the business you have always dreamed of having? Doing things your way and working with clients that are aligned to you?
  • Like you’re not following your true calling, like there’s something else you’re meant to be doing?
  • Especially drawn to spirituality and holistic healing, and end up googling the shit out of things for hours as you just can’t get enough?
  • TRULY Inspired at the thought of helping other people?
  • Uninspired or overly-exhausted when working now… it just doesn’t light you up?
  • As though you can’t speak your truth, or that there’s a physical block when reaching ideal clients?
  • Fed up of your career and following other people’s rules because it just doesn’t feel aligned anymore.
  • Like you’re playing things small when you’ve got massive dreams?
  • SO ready for more from your business and your life?!!!!

I seeeeee you nodding your head.
And trust me, you’re not alone feeling like this.
It’s the very reason why I created The Healing Academy

What is the Healing Academy?

The Healing Academy is a year-long programme for the woman who wants to create her own spiritual or holistic business, in her own unique way.

It’s a 12 month journey of transformational coaching, practitioner training, business development, and deep inner healing work in an intimate circle of sisterhood.

The Healing Academy will help you to:

  • Get truly clear on your vision, on who you serve and help, and why.
  • You’ll be crystal clear on your niche and who your ideal client is so you can get out there intentionally and build your audience.
  • Relax, reconnect to your vision and restore your energy as you go through this transformation. We go on 2 retreats over the year where you’ll be attuned to all your reiki qualifications.
  • Get kitted out with the tools to build your own brand identity– you’ll have the perfect business name, a new creative flair, and know exactly how to create content that attracts clients (AND actually sounds like you!)
  • Learn how to plan, create and facilitate worldwide retreats
  • Price your services, plan out your offer stack and get ready to launch your signature offer by the end of the year.
  • Lean into your uniqueness, and give yourself permission to be who you really are. Get ready to own that shit!!!
  • Set up solid foundations for all the stuff you don’t want to look at like tech, accounts, operations and more.
  • Become a Reiki Master and have your own reiki school
  • Become a practitioner in my own healing modality The Freedom Sequence
  • Understand your own human design on a deeper level so you can maximise your potential (I’m going to actually chart your human design at the start of the year so you know exactly who YOU are)
  • Learn how to hold your own Shamanic Munay Ki rites of the womb ceremony
  • Have a photoshoot with my own amazing photographer Ali Ford to get a portfolio of images that truly reflect you.
  • Working continuously on your brand voice and focusing on your copy to unfilter your thoughts, speak from the heart, and add power to your words for a deeper connection with your audience and to generate leads.
  • Extended direct access to me via our weekly group chat.
  • AND you have access to all of the courses I run throughout the whole year included in your investment.

If you’re ready to go ALL IN, to put yourself first, to make time and invest in YOURSELF for once… then there’s never been a better time than now.

Through this blend of powerful healing modalities, group coaching, intense soul connection and mindset work, I will empower you to achieve unbelievable transformations.

It’s time to make the changes you’ve been putting off for far too long.

Your investment for this life changing experience is £7500 which can be paid on a payment plan up to 2 years!!!!

An initial deposit of one monthly payment will need to be taken to secure your space and then monthly payments starting on the 1st of each month.

Oh my god! Seriously where do I start? This year has been one of best ever and it never would of happened if it weren’t for you…

When I first followed you I did not know the monumental impact you would have on me and my life.

From the minute I found you I was hooked, I had to watch all your lives and just wished you into my life more!

When you announced the FEG course it was a no brainier for me and the self-discovery I experienced on that course lit a fire in my arse and I knew there was impending magic within me if I could just work out how to do it my way… and then you announced the Healing Academy without pause or hesitation I jumped in… I didn’t need to think about it, just book a call and say yes!

The Healing Academy is LIFE CHANGING!!


You’ve shown me I am worthy of good shit!

You told me countless times I am magical!

You have this crazy ability to take a cracked stone and buff it and shine it the FEG way and make it sparkle!

I always thought peeing glitter would be itchy and uncomfortable but I now pee glitter daily and I couldn’t of done any of it without you!!”