Before I started yoga my mental health was in tatters.

I was on medication for anxiety and having panic attacks most days.
After just a few weeks of starting yoga my panic attacks had stopped, and I had stopped my medication without even realising.

I felt more connected to my mind and my body than ever before. I was so
much more self-aware of how I was feeling. I felt in control for the first time in forever.

My yoga classes are mindful and give people permission to slow down, to take
time with the movements, and to notice how their body feels, rather than just getting into a specific shape or position.

I use yoga as part of my retreats and workshops now.

I also create bespoke retreats for small groups of people who want to spend
some quality time together relaxing and creating space to discover their
spirituality. I take them on a deep inner journey through guided meditations

and intuitive healing sessions.

We are all so different, but yoga and meditation really is for everyone.
If you are interested in creating your own bespoke retreat using all the things
Niki has to offer you can contact her direct by booking a FREE discovery call: