Monday: So today I had all good intentions of getting up and embracing my squirrels as they wake me up chucking all sorts of thoughts  and ideas in my direction….but not today.


The day I needed them to help me write my sparkly, excited, energetically aligned posts on the first day of being The Feminine Energy Guide they had all fucked off and my brain was fast a kip 


Fucking typical!


This morning I was some sort of koala sloth snail 


Shuffling around the house, shoving things in my gob and staring blankly out the window.


Then my website designer messaged to say he couldn’t get in to my new details cos the password was wrong AND I then found out I hadn’t even bought the right domain name. Then my bank card was being a dick and wouldn’t work…..


So just as I could feel my patience fizzling away, I took a deep breath and asked myself “What could I do about it? “


“Just go with it.” Was my answer. So I took another deep breath and tried again and it all worked. Thank fuck for that!


Then I asked myself “What jas this taught me?” And it was that I should have known better to launch my new branding and a retreat the day before my period was due. 


When all I want to do is be a koala sloth snail and eat all day. 


And the annoying thing is, I teach this to my


Clients. To get things set up and ready to go, be organised, and to monitor their cycle so they know when the best time to lauch is, when they have the most energy…… so why wasn’t I fuckin doing it? 


I decided I was a rebel. And a nob! More nob than rebel. But…. I certainly won’t do that again. 


Lesson learned.