The hardest thing you will ever have to do is BE YOURSELF!

I’m working with some insanely gifted women in my Healing Academy right now, (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ALL ARE!) and these last few week I’ve seen so many of them literally stepping into their power 👑

Starting to discover who they are and how they want to be seen, and what they want to be known for. And I’m there holding space for them all and sharing my experiences and what I know to guide them, while feeling like a proud mamma and peeing glitter all over myself cos they don’t even KNOW how good they are yet! 💖🤩💦✨

So I just wanted to take a minute and CELEBRATE these amazing women for SOOOOOO many reasons! 😍

🩷For being brave enough to take the first step and join my Healing Academy, for doing the inner work and being vulnerable enough to keep sharing the bumps and hurdles that are coming up for them along the way ⛰️

❤️For taking action and putting themselves out there and doing the things that feel aligned and true to THEIR hearts and values 🥰

💖For loving the shit out of each other and being super supportive. When one is down the others are all there lifting her up and showing her love and kindness and reminding her of WHY she is amazing 🥹

💚For being scared and doing it anyway, for creating new ideas, opening new groups, building their audience, putting out new exciting offers and BEING FUCKING VISIBLE!

When you work for someone else, it’s easy to talk about someone elses business and what they do, because it’s already a thing.

But when it’s YOURS and it’s new, there’s all sorts of lurky demons and fuckin massive inner bitches waiting to creep in and try and put you off 👺👹😣

The hardest thing you will ever have to do is BE YOURSELF. And show up as YOU. The REAL YOU! It’s scary as fuck! 😱

But it’s 💯 million percent worth it! Because you feel SOOOOOFUCKINGFREEEEEEE!! 😌

And this is why I love my Healing Academy so much. The amount of LOVE that is inside this group is indescribable 🥰 but also, I get to help women feel empowered enough to be THEMSELVES!!

To safely peel back the layers of conditioning and step out of the costume they’ve been wearing to stay safe and protected, when all it’s really done is keep them trapped inside a false version of themselves.

To step forwards feeling safe and confident and inspired and excited as fuck about their lives and businesses…. This is EVERYTHING to me! 🙂❤️🌍

Thank ladies for choosing me to be part of your journey 🗺️ 💕

If you want to start your own spiritual and holistic business but don’t know where to start and are interested in next years cohort, drop me a message. I’d love to chat with you 🙏🏻✨