A franchise is a type of business model where a person or company (called the franchisor) allows another person or group (called the franchisee) the right to operate a business themselves using its already established brand, trademarks, and business model.

In simpler terms, it’s like buying a ready-made business in a box.

Let’s use my new franchise as an example.

The owner of The Healing Academy ™️ (that’s me 🤩) decides she wants to expand the business across different cities (and the world 🌍) but can’t do it all alone. So, she allows other people to open new businesses under the name “The Healing Academy – Liverpool / London / insert area”

These new business owners, known as franchisees, pay the owner of The Healing Academy a fee and a percentage of their profits for the right to use the The Healing Academy’s name, logo, recipes, and instructions of operation. In return, the franchisees receive the business support and benefits of being part of a well-known brand.

By becoming a franchisee, you get access to a proven business model and brand recognition without having to start from scratch. You receive full training and support from the franchisor, including guidelines on how to run the business, marketing strategies, and help growing the business 📈

Franchises are found across all the different industries, like fast food restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, retail outlets, and more. Some of the best known and famous examples of franchises are McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks, and Hilton Hotels 🍔 ☕️ 🏨

The benefit of operating a franchise is that you can tap into an already successful business with a recognised brand, which will help you to attract customers more easily 👋🏻

You also have ongoing support and guidance from the franchisor, so as they learn and grow, they pass that knowledge down to you, to help you do the same 🌱

Being a franchisee involves following certain rules and guidelines set by the franchisor to make sure there is consistency across all franchise locations. So everyone is on the same page, and the brand feels the same quality in every location 💖 🗺️

In summary, a franchise is like getting a complete business in a box, including a recognised brand and proven methods of business operation. It provides an opportunity for peeps to run their own business with the guidance and support of an established company 🦋


There are SOOOOO many advantages to opening a franchised business. If you’re going to invest in starting your own business, it makes sense to get as much help as possible from someone who already has experience doing what you’re about to do (So you can avoid the fuck ups that they made and save a shit ton of time and money). 💸⏰

The major benefit of starting a franchise is that all of the research, planning and training is done for you so you can focus on the fun stuff like running your new business and MAKING MONEY! 🙂

So, if you want a shortcut to success in business ownership, buying into an existing franchise network can be a FANFUCKINGTASTIC idea 💡

You won’t have nearly as much work-up-front as if you were building your own business from scratch. You can also get clients easier, grow your business quicker and can create a life you love, working the days and hours that suit you 🥰

Never ever feeling like you’re doing it alone 💕

If anyone would like more information on becoming part of my Healing Academy Franchise please let me know 🙂