Hope you had a fab Easter beautiful peeps🐰🐥🍫
Anyone fancy a bit of realignment and manifestation shizzle ? 🌟🙂
As we go into a new month, (How TF is is April already please) I would LOVE you to take a few minutes to get SUPER clear on what you want to achieve, call in, do, have or be 😍 📝
Because without clarity of what we WANT, we won’t know what we need to DO to make it happen.
Let’s have a little fun 🤩
❤️Emotion is the language of the universe, so once you get clear on what you want, think about WHY this is important to you, and really FEEEEEEEL into this 😍💕
How will you feel when you have achieved this thing? 😃✨
How important is this to you? Let yourself get emosh about it! 🥹
Our energy aligns us to our future path… 🗺️
By FEEEEEELING into the outcome of the thing you desire, you start to call it in #likeattractslike
So I want to to share with you the 4 BESTEST words to use for manifestation 🤩 to help you do this….
🌟1: I AM……
When you say the words “I am…”, your subconscious wakes up and LISTENS!  And by completing the sentence with words that create a positive affirmation like “I am enough”, “I am worthy”, “I am open to recieveing” it change’s your state of mind to be more aligned with what you want.
Gratitude helps you go from scarcity to abundance, it helps you to be more open to inviting MORE of what you desire into your life. Find three things you are grateful for every morning to instantly shift your energy and mindset to focusing on what you DO HAVE, rather than what you DON’T.
By acknowledging the abundance that already exists around you, and celebrating your successes it helps you k!ck fear and lack in the fadge🦵🏻💥
Repeat after me…“ I am abundant”
Our beliefs shape our reality. None of this you have to seenit to believe it malarkey… You have to BELIEVE it or you will never SEE it 🤩✨Sit for a minute and feel into your desire, visualise it happening and believe it to be possible, now imagine you already have it. Feel the gratitude and abundant for having it. SQUEEEEE!!! And it is so 🙏🏻
I’d love to know what you thought of that little process 🤓
So Now…… Tell me below WHAT you’re calling in and WHY? 🤩
#peeingglitter 💖🤩💦✨✨✨✨✨
#believe #manifest #april #realign #energy